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                  Company Events
                  1. January, 1998: Joint Agreement Signed with Panzhihua Iron & Steel (Group) Co.
                2. January, 1998: Company name changed to "Shanxi Yangquan Hualing Refractory Co., Ltd." from the old name "Shanxi Yangquan Tiger Valley Refractory Co., Ltd."
                3. January, 2001: Realized overall private capital structure controlled by company leaders.
                4. May, 3rd, 2003: Company moved to Yangquan city Baiquan industrial park.
                5. November, 16th, 2005: Ceremony held for company moving successfully.
                6. November, 16th, 2005: Yangquan City Refractory Research Institute sponsored by our company setup.
                Signed technical cooperation agreements with Luoyang Institute of Refractory Institute.
                7. November 27th, 2006: Setup refractory production, study, research platform with Wuhan University.
                8. September, 16th, 2007: Began to construct the third tunnel kiln and bauxite production line of 50,000t capacity.
                9. December, 30th, 2007: Acquisition of Yangquan city Jinquanxing Refractory Plant.
                10. March, 4th, 2008: Signed cooperation agreement with Beijing Tongda Refractory Technology Company about setting up mutual overall strategy cooperation relationship.
                11. September, 2008: Natural gas transformation of 3 tunnel kilns.


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