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We are grateful for all those who have sent their thank you letters and testimonies. We are sorry for not able to publish all of them. Here are some of them.

Quotes I was diagnosed with Shingles on my Breast and back of my body. I was treated by Western Doctors but the suffering and itchiness was really unbearable. A friend of mine introduced me to see Yew Leong. My first impression of this Company was not so GOOD because they do not have a proper Clinic for Treatment. I was really wrong about Yew Leong and after my first treatment I could feel the improvement and with my 3 treatments everything was back to Normal. Thanks to all the staff of Yew Leong. Quotes
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Change of Impression

Quotes I have shingles and this have affected my eyes. I have visited General hospital for treatment but there was not much improvement. I was introduced to Yew Leong by a friend and within 3 visits, my condition was improved. Thank you Yew Leong. Quotes
Case 2
Satisifed Patient

Quotes I am suffering from a Bad case of "Sterile Pustular Psoriasis" I have visited many Specialist in Singapore for this Treatment trying all kinds odd drugs,some very strong with lot of side effects.but nothing help me. I was introduce to Yew Leong and within 3 visits, my condition has improved 100%. It was a miracle and I really thank all the staff for their understanding and treatment. Yew Leong is a very competent and successful in treating my skin. Quotes
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Satisifed Patient